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French Interior Design, Room by Room – A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to a new week and another new scheme from Chichi Furniture :O)

Today we are still talking Hallways, but this time we looking at French rustic style.

This is possible one of my favorites. Country farm style pieces, creating an entrance way that instantly welcomes you in. Finished in modern pastel shades for that subtle touch of colour, with a distressed look added charm and warmth.

Picture a beautifully natural stone clad floor, neutral coloured walls, beautiful solid wood doors and French style console tables or dressers – with spring flowers, a wicker key basket and candles. Add a feature chair or sofa to give a relaxed feel to the space and Voila – C’est Parfait!

Pink Console Table Pink Console Table Orange Console Table Blue Console Table Green console Table Ivory Console Table Black Console Table Black Console TableBlue Console Table Blue Side Unit Black Side Unit Blue Side Unit Ivory Side Unit Black Side Unit Blue Side Unit Rattan Tub Chair French Love Seat Rustic Wooden Chair Rustic Wooden Chair Ivory Mirror

French Interior Design, Room by Room – A Grand Entrance!

Happy hump day everyone :O)

Today at Chichi Furniture, we are talking entrance ways/hallways. A room that is often neglected, yet is so important. Its the first impression people get of our homes so should be welcoming, warm and stylish.

Granted, they can be tricky rooms, often small and awkward or vast and echoey. The best thing to do is treat it as any other room, rather than a through way.

We will start with the ‘grand’ entrance way. That vast room that has the potential to make a huge impact as you open that front door, rather than being cold and characterless.

Choose large ornate French pieces for this grand room, maybe add an upholstered chair/chaise to add colour and texture and ensuring a more relaxed feel. Choose rich, sumptuous colours, golds and silvers to add warmth to the large space and create striking visual impact as you enter the room. Hang a large chandelier to drawer the ceiling down. You don’t want the furniture to look lost or awkward, you want it to all work together, add a large ornate console and mirror, texture, colour and pattern will add to the charm of the space, but ensure you make it work together and don’t just plonk it in odd areas, make it a useable space.

Don’t forget to look at the floor, adding a rug or tiling it in stunning decorative tiles can really complete a design, but make sure you keep a balance between patterns/colours, you want it to gel and not look chaotic. If you choose a heavily patterned floor, keep the upholstered furniture (if you choose any) simple, so its not lost.

French Style Interior Design, Room by Room – Adding a Pop of Colour to the Bedroom!

Todays post is all about colour :O)

We all need a little colour in our lives. Colour can completely transform a space and our mood. Sometimes when you look at a room it just needs that little something extra – colour.

It doesn’t have to mean a total re-paint. Just adding a feature piece of vibrant furniture can really lift a space, adding dimension and depth.

Take a look at the beautiful pieces from Chichi Furniture below;



French Interior Design, Room by Room – the Opulent Gold Bedroom


Behold the Gold - this weeks bedroom from Chichi Furniture is a touch of opulence. Celebrating all things extravagant.

Some of the featured pieces draw on the Rococo era, being decorative and ornate – simply works of art in the form of furniture.

This room is the mother of all things flamboyant and all that we love about French furniture, heavily carved, beautifully upholstered, large statement pieces. Each item is a feature in itself with beautiful detailing and design.

In rooms like this, you can dream big, add a bedroom chair to ensure the room doesn’t have to just be for sleeping in, hang a beautiful mirror on the wall and complete the look with a huge sparkling chandelier for that romantic boudoir feel.


Sit Down, Relax, it’s Summertime!

New range of fabulous chairs at Chichi Furniture to help you rest on these beautifully hot summer days :O)


French Interior Design, Room by Room – the Stylish Black Bedroom

When it comes to our bedrooms, we often think/need them to be tranquil havens, somewhere we can go to relax and wind down from the day. But, we still want them to be stylish and inviting. Its hard to actually feel restful in a lackluster, disorganized space.

Today’s bedroom theme is ‘black’, which people don’t necessarily think of when it comes to relaxing. Often when it comes to bedrooms we choose light, bright colours to make the rooms feel bigger and calming. But actually black can create a striking bold space. Get it right and its super stylish and chic. You can go all out black for that darker/cosy end result, or contrast black furniture with lighter walls, or add some golds/silvers or pops of bright colour to create a stunning feature room.

Playing around with texture and furniture style can also dramatically affect the rooms final look. Below I have shown 3 different examples of ‘black’ bedroom furniture from Chichi. The first being very strong, heavily carved, gothic style, ideal for creating that cosy space – add some mood lighting and the room will simply beckon you in. The second is a much more understated chic look with straighter edged more contemporary French style pieces, a great set to have against lighter walls for that striking contrast. The third is something in between, it boasts some carved detailing and elegant shape highlighted by gorgeous gold leaf to ensure the furniture is the talking point of the room. A striking visual without looking too heavy.

Which do you prefer?

Black Dressing Table Black Dressing Table Black Bedside Table Black Bedside Table Black BedFeature Chair Black Mirror

Black Dressing Screen Black Dressing Table Black mirrored wardrobe Black Wardrobe Black French Chest of Drawers Black French Bedside Table French Four Poster Black Bed French Black Rattan BedBlack Mirror

French Black and Gold Wardrobe French Black and Gold Chest of Drawers French Black and Gold Bedside TableFrench Black bed French Mirror


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