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Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

We’ve made it, we have finally reached number ONE of Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics.

Although I have to admit it was hard putting them in order as they were all beautiful and very different.

So the winner is this beautiful French style bedroom, a striking black ornate Genevieve Bed that owns the room, an equally stunning Bordeau bedside table that is a bold feature to complement the bed, whilst the decor is delicate and neutral. The huge wall standing gold mirror adds detail, glamour and warmth, whilst softening the overall scheme and the chandelier pulls the ceiling into you eye line ensuring its not a cold empty space above such beautiful room setting.

A perfectly designed and well balanced room, each item standing out just enough without being overpowering  – would you agree?


Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics


I always feel so tired by Friday, well actually most days, but its always nice to reach the weekend and dream of lie ins and rest (thats assuming you don’t have children!).

So, for number 3 of Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics I have chosen the most stunning bed.

From our ‘St Tropez Range‘ this bed is just exquisite, finished in stylish silver leaf and with the custom made headboard in sumptuous purple to match in with the beautiful bedroom scheme.

I certainly wouldn’t want to get out of this bed!!

Have a great weekend everyone.



Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

Happy Gift Day Everyone – Monday the 29th February, the gift of an extra day.

To celebrate this day we are sharing number 6 on Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics – a stunning rustic rattan bed, but not just Rattan – because its a unique day, we’ve added a little something special – a touch of silver!

This beautiful bed, has all the character you’d expect, but with an up to date touch of glamour.

This gorgeous bedroom is elegant and tranquil as well as stylish.




Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

Well today the weather is not too bad, but generally this week has been a write off and I would rather have been tucked up having duvet days, waiting for the summer to arrive! But, that not being possible, we bring you the next best thing – a room to indulge in.

So, in at number 8 of Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics we have our stunning Silver ‘Alice’ Bed. This bed just entices you in, luxurious as well as comfortable, what more can be said!

This stunning room is perfectly balanced, with delicately curved furniture and soft tones for that touch of elegance and warmth, the low hung chandeliers showing off the glamorous silver furniture to perfection. This room is pure understated chic – the ideal place to waste away those rainy cold days.



Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Furniture Pic’s

Happy hump day everyone. After a tiny little break, Chichi Furniture is back and ready to continue our top 20 fabulous French furniture choices.

Today we are on number 19 and its all about the bedroom and how a little silver style can create a beautifully elegant room.

In the room below, space isn’t in abundance, so whereas gold is glamorous, it would be too heavy in this instance and silver is the perfect alternative, stylish and chic, but a little more toned down and subtle.

The room features our exquisite ‘Alice’ bed, with a gorgeous black silk upholstered headboard. The black stands out as a stunning focal point for the room, with the silver frame blending it into the scheme, just softening the look whilst giving it that luxurious touch.

The room is not huge so the two petite silver bedside cabinets are an ideal way to add functional furniture in keeping with the style and not ‘over filling’ the space, but completing the look perfectly.

Silver french style bed Silver french style bed Silver French style bed

French Furniture with the TOWIE Appeal!!






Just a few little words to describe Chichi Furniture’s Friday Feature!!

I thought it fitting on a Friday, after a long week to choose ‘Beds’ as our Friday Feature.

Bedrooms are that sacred place. A place to relax and unwind and catch up on that ever so needed sleep. So, having a comfortable bed is essential, but you don’t want it to look imposing and awkward in your room. Which is why Chichi Furniture’s exquisite range of beds are not only comfy, but beautifully hand crafted to ensuring that ‘wow’ factor. Like the below stunning upholstered sleigh bed (as featured in ‘The Only Way is Essex’), elegant and stylish, in a soft timeless ivory to create that restful haven.

Sleigh Bed

Sleep like a Star in our ‘Famous Bed’

Feel like a film star and sail into your dreams in Chichi Furniture’s fabulous Gold Leaf Royal Carved bed featured in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

Gold Bed Gold Bed

Chichi Furniture’s Friday Favourites

Welcome to Friday, another week successfully done and today Chichi Furniture is embracing the dark. Sometimes when the weather turns and the winter is on the way, we quickly get the paint out, turn on lights and try to lighten and brighten our homes to hang onto the summer as long as we can. Well, it can be tiring fighting against the inevitable, so today we are taking a different slant and embracing the dark and all that is storm clouds and winter. One of the charms of the winter is actually cosying up, lighting fires and candles and shutting curtains. Choosing black furniture not only looks stylish and chic, but can create a very intimate and atmospheric ambience. Take a look at the below fabulous pieces from Chichi Furniture to create a similar vibe in your home.

‘Heavenly Headboards’ from Chichi Furniture

Beds are one of the biggest items of furniture we will buy and they pretty much fill the bedroom, so make sure your bed is a beautiful feature in your room and not just a necessary item of furniture plonked in the middle.

A bed with a statement headboard can look striking and instantly catch your eye. It is an easy way to add style and detail to a space without adding ‘more’ furniture, or, it can act as the key piece to furnish around.

Sometimes a room just needs a splash of colour to mix up a look, or some stylish detail to add layers to a more simplistic scheme. Adding an upholstered or heavily carved headboard with detailed pattern can look beautiful against a plain wall, equally a simple elegant headboard in a block colour can break up a patterned wall – both contrasting and adding dimension.

Below are some gorgeous examples of beds with headboards from Chichi Furniture;

Ivory carved French Bed French Bed French Bed French Bed French Bed  Sleigh Bed Sleigh Bed French Bed French Bed French Gold Bed

Chichi Furniture’s Wednesday Wish List

Add a touch of French Country style to your home with gorgeous rattan furniture. Either in traditional rustic form or with an elegant twist. Either way it will add depth and texture as well as warmth and style.

Rattan Tub Chair Silver Rattan Bed Black Rattan Four Poster Bed Ivory Rattan Bed Black Rattan Bed Rattan Bed

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