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Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

Well today the weather is not too bad, but generally this week has been a write off and I would rather have been tucked up having duvet days, waiting for the summer to arrive! But, that not being possible, we bring you the next best thing – a room to indulge in.

So, in at number 8 of Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics we have our stunning Silver ‘Alice’ Bed. This bed just entices you in, luxurious as well as comfortable, what more can be said!

This stunning room is perfectly balanced, with delicately curved furniture and soft tones for that touch of elegance and warmth, the low hung chandeliers showing off the glamorous silver furniture to perfection. This room is pure understated chic – the ideal place to waste away those rainy cold days.



Chichi Furniture’s Friday Feature

Twinkle Twinkle Little Chandelier……….

Add some sparkle to your home with a beautiful chandelier from Chichi

Rough Luxe and French Furniture Flair

French Stye Furniture is just so utterly ideal for the rough luxe look. A beautifully shaped chair, upholstered in a sumptuous velvet, couldn’t stand out more than against a rough finished wall. Its a stunning contrast that just works, allowing each style to really shine.

It induces a warm, relaxed and stylish environment. I don’t know about you, but if i’ve just painted a wall a fresh crisp white and had the carpets cleaned, I would prefer it if people ‘floated’ around my home, as opposed to carrying food and drinks and leaning on walls (yes I’m am ever so slightly OCD!!) This is the beauty of the rough luxe look – it’s not meant to be perfect, it produces an amazing look without creating the need to be precious!!

The furniture does all the work. The large, sparkly chandeliers shower the rooms in light, whilst the mirrors bring the unfinished walls to life. All aspects of this look link together, ensuring that the room gels and doesn’t appear disjointed and a conflict of styles.

Below are some fabulous examples of furniture from Chichi which can help you achieve the look.

Friday’s Feature from Chichi Furniture

Turn your pad into a Palace by adding an exquisite chandelier.

Whether its in an entrance way, hung low over a dining table, or contrasting against a rough brick wall, adding a chandelier instantly adds a touch of glamour and style to a room. A stunning feature that will drawer you in and pull a scheme together.

Chandelier Chandelier Chandelier Chandelier Chandelier

French Interior Design, Room by Room – A Grand Entrance!

Happy hump day everyone :O)

Today at Chichi Furniture, we are talking entrance ways/hallways. A room that is often neglected, yet is so important. Its the first impression people get of our homes so should be welcoming, warm and stylish.

Granted, they can be tricky rooms, often small and awkward or vast and echoey. The best thing to do is treat it as any other room, rather than a through way.

We will start with the ‘grand’ entrance way. That vast room that has the potential to make a huge impact as you open that front door, rather than being cold and characterless.

Choose large ornate French pieces for this grand room, maybe add an upholstered chair/chaise to add colour and texture and ensuring a more relaxed feel. Choose rich, sumptuous colours, golds and silvers to add warmth to the large space and create striking visual impact as you enter the room. Hang a large chandelier to drawer the ceiling down. You don’t want the furniture to look lost or awkward, you want it to all work together, add a large ornate console and mirror, texture, colour and pattern will add to the charm of the space, but ensure you make it work together and don’t just plonk it in odd areas, make it a useable space.

Don’t forget to look at the floor, adding a rug or tiling it in stunning decorative tiles can really complete a design, but make sure you keep a balance between patterns/colours, you want it to gel and not look chaotic. If you choose a heavily patterned floor, keep the upholstered furniture (if you choose any) simple, so its not lost.

A-Z of French Style Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Hooray, we’ve made it to Friday and today Chichi Furniture’s chosen letter is D.

D is for Decorative Dressing Tables/Rooms. One of the charming features of French style furniture is that its effortlessly elegant, ornate and full of character. It’s often adorned with carvings and decorative features which create stunning pieces to add such glamour to your home.

Our Dressing tables will help you to create a Boudoir to be admired, encompassing all there is to feel fabulous. These first examples drawer on the Rococo era, elaborate and heavily carved, finished in fabulous Gold, Silver, Black or Ivory, these pieces will certainly take centre stage in your room.

Ornate Gold French Style Dressing Table Ornate Black French Style Dressing Table Ornate Silver French Style Dressing Table Ornate Ivory French Style Dressing Table

The second style is our beautiful Amelie Range – more understated than the Rococo style, but still a real feature for you room. More delicately shaped, with highlighted trim.

French Style Dressing Table Gold Dressing Table French Style Dressing Table

Thirdly we have a beautiful ‘Elise Dressing Table’ in Silver featuring more subtle curves and detailing and the Oh so stylish ‘Alice Dressing Table’, a more modern/contemporary piece, still with carved detailing but strong lines and finished in Moulin Noir Black.

Silver Dressing Table Dressing Table

Finally to ensure your Boudoir is complete, finish off the look with a beautiful bench or chair, a stunning floor standing mirror and for that final princess touch – a chandelier to shower you in sparkling light.

Silver Silk Upholstered BenchPurple Velvet Upholstered ChairFrench Style Cheval MirrorChandelier

Light up your home this winter


The one thing most of us struggle with in the winter months isn’t necessarily the cold, but the lack of light and brightness.

So it is important to ensure our homes are well lit creating a warm, inviting haven for us to unwind and relax.

Table lamps can be an easy way to light up a dark corner or add extra light by the seating area or bed and they are often stylish additions to a scheme too. The added bonus is that you can move them around as and when you want to re-arrange furniture and rooms.


Chandeliers are in my opinion just stunning, the perfect way to add glamour and charm to an entrance hall, or hung centrally over a dining table can create a beautiful environment to wine and dine friends. Or maybe just add a more subtle and discreet style chandelier to complete a room design.


You may be totally happy with all your main lighting, but still need a little extra light in certain rooms – how about a few candelabras! Candles create a warm, inviting atmosphere giving off a flickering more seductive light than your main electric ones, they create atmosphere and look beautiful.


The fun thing with light is that you can play around with it, position lamps/candles in different places until it creates the ambience you’re after.

Have Lights of fun this winter :O)

Light the Scene in Style


What would a gorgeous home be without a little light!!

Lighting is so important, we often take pains to decorate a room and deliberate over colour, but when it comes to the all important finishing touches we don’t always run through the finishing line!

To complete a look, you need fabulous lighting, something that will finish your scheme in style and not just be a limp lamp shade hanging on the ceiling. Bring your ceiling ‘into’ your room, make a style statement and shower your new decor under dazzling light.

Chichi Chandeliers are a fabulous addition to any room. An instant ‘wow’ factor in an entrance hall, a romantic feature in a dining room – (ensure the pendant hangs centrally over your table to make it feel a part of the design and not an awkward addition) or perfect for just adding some glamour to your lounge or bedroom.

A crystal chandelier knows no bounds – it will comfortably take its place in various designs – a dark seductive room will look so stylish under a canopy of crystal, highlighted against a black wall. Create a dazzling contrast with a chandelier softening a more rustic scene against a natural brick wall, softening the harsher tones, or equally a chandelier could emphasize a beautiful white, bright room, reflecting light off each crystal droplet.

It doesn’t have to be invasive, it could be a discreet chandelier with a subtle impact. A smaller room wouldn’t support anything too overbearing, whereas a delicate fixture could be the perfect final touch. Hang the chandelier low to drawer a room in and give high ceilings some inclusion, or hang it closer to the ceiling if the room needs to feel larger.

Don’t feel your room has to be grand to support a chandelier, it could be the chandelier that creates an appearance of grandeur, transforming that small dark corner into a feature.

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