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Friday’s French Furniture Fix

Add a little Spring colour to your home with this beautiful rustic style console table from Chichi.

With a vase of spring daffodils on top, this charming piece will be the perfect addition to your hallway, making it bright and welcoming.


French Interior Design, Room by Room – A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to a new week and another new scheme from Chichi Furniture :O)

Today we are still talking Hallways, but this time we looking at French rustic style.

This is possible one of my favorites. Country farm style pieces, creating an entrance way that instantly welcomes you in. Finished in modern pastel shades for that subtle touch of colour, with a distressed look added charm and warmth.

Picture a beautifully natural stone clad floor, neutral coloured walls, beautiful solid wood doors and French style console tables or dressers – with spring flowers, a wicker key basket and candles. Add a feature chair or sofa to give a relaxed feel to the space and Voila – C’est Parfait!

Pink Console Table Pink Console Table Orange Console Table Blue Console Table Green console Table Ivory Console Table Black Console Table Black Console TableBlue Console Table Blue Side Unit Black Side Unit Blue Side Unit Ivory Side Unit Black Side Unit Blue Side Unit Rattan Tub Chair French Love Seat Rustic Wooden Chair Rustic Wooden Chair Ivory Mirror

French Interior Design, Room by Room – the Rustic Lounge!

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone – what a wet rainy day it is here!

So, the ideal day to post about a Rustic French Lounge. Picture those dry, sunny days, not a cloud in the sky, a light breeze and gardens full of flowers and a home full of charm and character.

Personally I love the rustic, farmhouse style. Its welcoming and  homely, giving off a relaxed feel.

Picture the below pieces from Chichi in a beautiful beamed room, with neutral walls and either a solid wood or large stone floor, accentuated by a few elaborate pieces, such as a chunky gold leaf mirror to lift the dark wood furniture and add dimension to the space, a crystal chandelier to add some shimmering light and delicate voile curtains framing the room and adding texture by large French doors opening onto a stunning garden.

C’est parfait non?

French Loveseat French ChairFrench Rustic Sideboard French Rustic Console Table Black Bookcase Rustic TV CabinetElaborate Gold Mirror



A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Hooray we have reached ‘Z’ and its friday, which is apt really as ‘Z’ is for zzzZZZ and all things bed!!

Sleeping is something I would definitely like to do more of! Not only is sleeping a vital part of life, but the bed is a vital part of a bedroom too!! Its possibly one of the largest items of furniture we buy, so we want it to be perfect. Choose a bed that will be an amazing focal point of your room. Consider colour and style carefully, whether you go for bold black statement,



Gold glamour,

Gold Bed


or a touch of Ivory envy,

Ivory Bed


maybe combine two – an exquisite ivory bed, edged in gold – stunning.


Decide whether you want an upholstered headboard or solid wood,

Bed Bed

– why not push the boat out and go for a four poster!!

Four Poster Bed

Bear in mind other furniture you will need/like in your room too as you want it to feel right. Bedrooms are places to dream and relax, not feel busy and cluttered.

Happy Sleeping this weekend from Chichi Furniture :O)


Colourful Furniture for a Colourful Home Decor

Well, yesterday the sun briefly showed its face and gave us all a bit of hope of a warm spring, but as quickly as it came out, it vanished again. So, I thought I would post a selection of colourful French Style Furniture to brighten up our Homes until the sun decides to stay!! Its amazing what a difference it makes to have a home that feels relaxed and cheery, even a vase of spring flowers can transform my lounge.


Pink Chest of DrawersBedside TableConsole TableConsole TableConsole TableConsole TableConsole TableChest of Drawersconsole TableChest of DrawersChest of Drawers

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Having been off for a couple of weeks – escaping the glorious British weather! I am now straight back to work and continuing our A-Z of French Style furniture.

We have reached ‘K’ and ‘K’ is for Kitchen Style.

I don’t know about you but I am in my kitchen ‘A LOT’. Mine isn’t vast so isn’t necessarily my ideal style – however that doesn’t mean I can’t dream!! Kitchens need to be functional and easy to move around in, but still need to be an inviting, stylish space, whether it be adding design to walls – like gorgeous tile detail or a chalk paint menu wall, light fittings or having the space to add gorgeous furniture. My kitchen isn’t large enough for a dining table, but I would love a kitchen that doubles up as a cooking come eating space, allowing a lot more style opportunities and freedom with furniture rather than having to stick to standard units that make the most of a small area.

I adore the Farmhouse, rustic look and adding French style rustic units can add such charm.  In France it’s all about family and eating together and the kitchen is often the hub of the home. Large sideboards showing off beautiful crockery sets, distressed woods in pastel shades add colour and texture and in the centre, a fabulous table to sit and indulge in the favored social etiquette that is eating with friends and family :O)

Ivory SideboardIvory Display Cabinet/sideboardFrench style rustic ivory sideboardFrench style rustic sideboardFrench Style Rustic SideboardFrench Style rustic chest of drawersFrench Shabby Chic Dining Table and ChairsFrench Rustic Style Dining Table and CharisDining Table and ChairsDining Table and Chairs

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Good morning. Well today is Thursday and to be honest, another dreary, dull, wet day here in England.

But, we have reached the letter ‘I’ on our A-Z and ‘I’ is for Ivory, which is definitely a colour that will bring a little serenity and calm into your home and a great colour to enhance with a wonderful bunch of bright spring flowers. The thing I love about ‘ivory’ is that its neutral, so easy to contrast with, but can be the main colour in a room without it feeling as cold as pure white. It introduces a rustic/vintage/homely feel to a space. If you want to keep the colour palette neutral but stylish, you can have ornate, heavily carved pieces that give texture and definition, adding depth and style, without adding lots of other colours and making a room feel too busy.

Below are some beautiful pieces that will add charm and character to your abode.

Round MirrorFrench Style Ivory MirrorFrench Style Ivory MirrorFrench Ornate Ivory MirrorIvory Dresser SideboardIvory Display CabinetIvory SideboardFrench Style Ivory Coffee TableFrench Style Ivory Display CabinetIvory Console Table Side TableRustic French Style Ivory SideboardFrench Style Bedside TableFrench Style Bedside TableFrench Style Ivory Bedside TableOrnate French Style Bedside TableFrench Style Ivory Chest of DrawersFrench Style Ivory Chest of DrawersFrench Ivory Dressing ScreenFrench Style Ivory Dressing TableIvory Sleigh BedFrench Ivory Rattan BedFrench Ornate Carved Bed

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Good morning. Its worked perfectly that today is Friday and today our letter is ‘F’. So its Friday Floral Features all the way!

French style furniture is known for its elaborate, ornate style and often this means items are beautifully adorned with floral carved detailing. Floral features lend themselves beautifully to entwining up furniture legs and blossoming into a central flower at the top of a large unit. It adds that certain something to allow it to stand apart from other pieces that may be more functional than fashionable (two more ‘F’s!!)

Below are some gorgeous floral examples from Chichi’s range, starting with the elaborate styles;

This silver console and mirror would look amazing in a large entrance hall – a dazzling example of opulence and grandeur.

The black upholstered chair is framed by floral carvings, creating a stunning central feature for a room, or also an ideal item for a larger space where less decorative furniture would be lost.

Finally the Gold Chest of Drawers – finished in stylish Gold Leaf, the floral carvings on this piece just complete the look emphasizing its beautiful elegant shape.

Floral Silver Console and MirrorBlack Upholstered French Style ChairGold French Style Chest of Drawerslanding_furniture_1Image

Next up we have two painted bedside units with beautiful painted floral detail. These items are less ornate, but hold just as much of a presence in a room, but are softer and less bold.

I love these two units – they would look perfect in a modern, country cottage style room, or even in a hallway as a stylish feature to hide away post/keys and place a vase of flowers on.

They are the epitome of simplistic elegance, no fuss, just delicately curved legs and top, finished in white with beautiful painted detail. These charming units would befitting to small or large spaces, they have enough detail to stand out, but are not over the top to look too cumbersome in a smaller bedroom.

Floral painted French Style BedsideFloral painted French Style bedside

Finally we have a stunning floral upholstered chair. This detail gives the chair an extra lift, ensuring it stands out in an understated way without blending into the background. The all black seat, accentuates the black leaf detail on the back panels, with the paler background flowers and colour softening and blending the design together. A chic piece for any home.

Upholstered Floral French Style Chair

Well, I hope you enjoyed the letter F – have a happy Friday, love Chichi.

Have yourself a Very Colourful Weekend

Well, its Friday and I’m sitting at my desk and its dull and dreary outside.

So I decided on a colourful topic today :O)

We all notice colour, it sparks a response in us. Yesterday I commented on a friends scarf because I noticed it, it was bright and cheery and stood out. Colour lifts us and makes us take notice, its the same in our homes, a pop of colour lifts a space, its gives us a platform to build our creativity on, add one colour and it makes you want to introduce more – a vase of flowers, some colourful cushions – its fun.

Below are some fabulous colourful items from Chichi Furniture which will instantly add a touch of cheer to your room;

First up are 3 gorgeous shelf/display units, they are chic and elegant with the inside in a vibrant bold colour. This is a good way to introduce  a block of colour in a contained manner, not necessary immediately obvious or in your face, but still a strong statement. The colour is framed and drawers your eye towards it.


Next up we have the console/side table – an immediate splash of pure, vibrant colour, a great way to brighten up an entrance hall, kitchen or dark corner. Instantly noticeable.


Now for a bit of something special for your bedroom, sometimes bedrooms can appear bland or too much of the same if everything matches and is the same style. Throw in a unique feature piece and create an amazing focal point for your room and have fun adding more colour around the room to tie into the scheme – throws, art/frames, bedding etc;


Finally we have ‘colour by upholstery’ – beautiful pieces in stunning fabrics that will add colour and style that can be continued throughout the room by way of curtains, cushions etc. Upholstery is great as it not only adds colour, but also texture.


The ‘Bordeau’ Range from Chichi Furniture


Charming furniture with delicate curves and carved detailing. Below is just a selection of some of the gorgeous pieces we have.


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