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Friday’s French Furniture Fix

Add a little Spring colour to your home with this beautiful rustic style console table from Chichi.

With a vase of spring daffodils on top, this charming piece will be the perfect addition to your hallway, making it bright and welcoming.


French Interior Design, Room by Room – The Stylish Black Entrance

Another Monday, another week, it comes round so quick!

Today our final hallway inspiration is stylish black. Make an impact with your entrance.

Black can be sleek, elegant and bold. You can create a crisp clean lined look, or a softer look by adding a few lighter tones or a highlight colour like silver or gold – add a few cushions on the sofa, a rug on the floor, a few choice ornaments on the console.

Adding a mirror will ensure there is plenty of light in the space, as although the furniture is black, you don’t want the space to feel closed in and ‘heavy’.

Below are a few stylish black pieces from Chichi, ideal for a hallway. Both consoles have an elegant curved shape instantly adding character and one has delicate vine leaf detail which breaks up the solid block of black if you want a more toned down look. The stunning seat is upholstered in velvet which adds texture and depth and offers that luxurious finish, the silver detail makes it less intrusive, as also seen with the single chair edged in silver.

If you have space, adding a bookshelf to an entranceway can be a great way to fill what can be difficult and sometimes wasted space. It can add interest and character too and again the collection of books itself can tone down the solid black.


French Interior Design, Room by Room – A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to a new week and another new scheme from Chichi Furniture :O)

Today we are still talking Hallways, but this time we looking at French rustic style.

This is possible one of my favorites. Country farm style pieces, creating an entrance way that instantly welcomes you in. Finished in modern pastel shades for that subtle touch of colour, with a distressed look added charm and warmth.

Picture a beautifully natural stone clad floor, neutral coloured walls, beautiful solid wood doors and French style console tables or dressers – with spring flowers, a wicker key basket and candles. Add a feature chair or sofa to give a relaxed feel to the space and Voila – C’est Parfait!

Pink Console Table Pink Console Table Orange Console Table Blue Console Table Green console Table Ivory Console Table Black Console Table Black Console TableBlue Console Table Blue Side Unit Black Side Unit Blue Side Unit Ivory Side Unit Black Side Unit Blue Side Unit Rattan Tub Chair French Love Seat Rustic Wooden Chair Rustic Wooden Chair Ivory Mirror

French Interior Design, Room by Room – A Grand Entrance!

Happy hump day everyone :O)

Today at Chichi Furniture, we are talking entrance ways/hallways. A room that is often neglected, yet is so important. Its the first impression people get of our homes so should be welcoming, warm and stylish.

Granted, they can be tricky rooms, often small and awkward or vast and echoey. The best thing to do is treat it as any other room, rather than a through way.

We will start with the ‘grand’ entrance way. That vast room that has the potential to make a huge impact as you open that front door, rather than being cold and characterless.

Choose large ornate French pieces for this grand room, maybe add an upholstered chair/chaise to add colour and texture and ensuring a more relaxed feel. Choose rich, sumptuous colours, golds and silvers to add warmth to the large space and create striking visual impact as you enter the room. Hang a large chandelier to drawer the ceiling down. You don’t want the furniture to look lost or awkward, you want it to all work together, add a large ornate console and mirror, texture, colour and pattern will add to the charm of the space, but ensure you make it work together and don’t just plonk it in odd areas, make it a useable space.

Don’t forget to look at the floor, adding a rug or tiling it in stunning decorative tiles can really complete a design, but make sure you keep a balance between patterns/colours, you want it to gel and not look chaotic. If you choose a heavily patterned floor, keep the upholstered furniture (if you choose any) simple, so its not lost.

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi


It’s Monday again and as life is flying by, so is the A-Z French Style Furniture from Chichi and today we find ourselves on ‘S’.

‘S’ is for Silver, sleek and stylish. A colour that is less domineering than Gold, but equally as stylish and a fabulous contrasting colour with black.

Below are some stylish silver numbers form Chichi to help get those creative juices flowing in how to style up your home the silver way.

French Style Silver Coffee TableSilver SideboardSilver Coffee TableSilver Bombe SideboardSilver SideboardSilver Console TableSilver Hall TableSilver French Style Chest of DrawersSilver Console Table and MirrorSilver Console Table and MirrorSilver Bedside TableSilver Chest of DrawersSilver Carved French Style BedSilver Rattan BedUpholstered BedFloral Carved Upholstered SeatThrone ChairSilver OttomanSilver WardrobeSilver MirrorOrnate Silver MirrorSilver MirrorSilver MirrorSilver Mirror

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Happy Monday everyone. Today we are on the letter N and in Chichi Furniture’s vocab, that stands for the fabulous ‘Neopolitan’ range. Strong visual pieces with understated detail – these units aren’t fussy or flamboyant, but certainly not lacking in character. Each chest will have a strong presence in your home, either pulling a style together or standing alone as a central wonder – a stylish black unit with vivid contrasting drawers.

These pieces are such versatile units – ideal for adding a touch of ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to almost any room. They would be a striking feature in a Hallway, a stunning focal point in a lounge, or a great piece for adding a touch of style to your kitchen, as well as having ample storage.

French style chest of drawersFrench style chest of drawersFrench style chest of drawersFrench style chest of drawersFrench style Chest of drawes

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, make my house the most stylish of all!


A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Good morning. Its worked perfectly that today is Friday and today our letter is ‘F’. So its Friday Floral Features all the way!

French style furniture is known for its elaborate, ornate style and often this means items are beautifully adorned with floral carved detailing. Floral features lend themselves beautifully to entwining up furniture legs and blossoming into a central flower at the top of a large unit. It adds that certain something to allow it to stand apart from other pieces that may be more functional than fashionable (two more ‘F’s!!)

Below are some gorgeous floral examples from Chichi’s range, starting with the elaborate styles;

This silver console and mirror would look amazing in a large entrance hall – a dazzling example of opulence and grandeur.

The black upholstered chair is framed by floral carvings, creating a stunning central feature for a room, or also an ideal item for a larger space where less decorative furniture would be lost.

Finally the Gold Chest of Drawers – finished in stylish Gold Leaf, the floral carvings on this piece just complete the look emphasizing its beautiful elegant shape.

Floral Silver Console and MirrorBlack Upholstered French Style ChairGold French Style Chest of Drawerslanding_furniture_1Image

Next up we have two painted bedside units with beautiful painted floral detail. These items are less ornate, but hold just as much of a presence in a room, but are softer and less bold.

I love these two units – they would look perfect in a modern, country cottage style room, or even in a hallway as a stylish feature to hide away post/keys and place a vase of flowers on.

They are the epitome of simplistic elegance, no fuss, just delicately curved legs and top, finished in white with beautiful painted detail. These charming units would befitting to small or large spaces, they have enough detail to stand out, but are not over the top to look too cumbersome in a smaller bedroom.

Floral painted French Style BedsideFloral painted French Style bedside

Finally we have a stunning floral upholstered chair. This detail gives the chair an extra lift, ensuring it stands out in an understated way without blending into the background. The all black seat, accentuates the black leaf detail on the back panels, with the paler background flowers and colour softening and blending the design together. A chic piece for any home.

Upholstered Floral French Style Chair

Well, I hope you enjoyed the letter F – have a happy Friday, love Chichi.

Have yourself a Very Colourful Weekend

Well, its Friday and I’m sitting at my desk and its dull and dreary outside.

So I decided on a colourful topic today :O)

We all notice colour, it sparks a response in us. Yesterday I commented on a friends scarf because I noticed it, it was bright and cheery and stood out. Colour lifts us and makes us take notice, its the same in our homes, a pop of colour lifts a space, its gives us a platform to build our creativity on, add one colour and it makes you want to introduce more – a vase of flowers, some colourful cushions – its fun.

Below are some fabulous colourful items from Chichi Furniture which will instantly add a touch of cheer to your room;

First up are 3 gorgeous shelf/display units, they are chic and elegant with the inside in a vibrant bold colour. This is a good way to introduce  a block of colour in a contained manner, not necessary immediately obvious or in your face, but still a strong statement. The colour is framed and drawers your eye towards it.


Next up we have the console/side table – an immediate splash of pure, vibrant colour, a great way to brighten up an entrance hall, kitchen or dark corner. Instantly noticeable.


Now for a bit of something special for your bedroom, sometimes bedrooms can appear bland or too much of the same if everything matches and is the same style. Throw in a unique feature piece and create an amazing focal point for your room and have fun adding more colour around the room to tie into the scheme – throws, art/frames, bedding etc;


Finally we have ‘colour by upholstery’ – beautiful pieces in stunning fabrics that will add colour and style that can be continued throughout the room by way of curtains, cushions etc. Upholstery is great as it not only adds colour, but also texture.


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