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Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics


I always feel so tired by Friday, well actually most days, but its always nice to reach the weekend and dream of lie ins and rest (thats assuming you don’t have children!).

So, for number 3 of Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics I have chosen the most stunning bed.

From our ‘St Tropez Range‘ this bed is just exquisite, finished in stylish silver leaf and with the custom made headboard in sumptuous purple to match in with the beautiful bedroom scheme.

I certainly wouldn’t want to get out of this bed!!

Have a great weekend everyone.



French Interior Design, Room by Room – the Eclectic Lounge

French style, with a Modern Twist.  Todays post is the last one about lounge styles and this one is a modern/contemporary take on French style.

It retains all the beauty and charm of delicately shaped, carved pieces, but the finish is not as traditional as what we’d expect.

Rather than natural rustic tones, or opulent golds, the main colours for the furniture in this room, are white and silver, with a splash of bold colour – elegantly stylish, yet fun and modern. It can be difficult when you may love a style of furniture, yet that style just isn’t right for your home, with these pieces, they still encompass the beauty of ‘French Style’, but could suit more favorably a more modern home. The pieces below are not overly bulky or ornate, but still boast curvaceous frames and subtle detailing that would still hold a strong visual presence, without overfilling the space they are intended for.

Whilst white and silver is a stunning look, it can feel a little cold, so a pop of colour is essential to lift the scheme.

Adding colour in a subtle way with a dual tone unit like the bookshelf below, ensures the scheme retains the sharp, crisp, stylish feel without becoming a mis-match of colours or a confusion of style. You can then add softer tones by way of fabrics – cushions, curtains, a large floor rug. The velvet love seat adds texture as well as colour and blends with the scheme. Finally, the silver additions frame the room beautifully, tying the whole look together perfectly.

White BookcaseConsole Table Silver Mirror Lamp Love Seat Throne Chair Silver Sideboard

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Hooray we have reached ‘Z’ and its friday, which is apt really as ‘Z’ is for zzzZZZ and all things bed!!

Sleeping is something I would definitely like to do more of! Not only is sleeping a vital part of life, but the bed is a vital part of a bedroom too!! Its possibly one of the largest items of furniture we buy, so we want it to be perfect. Choose a bed that will be an amazing focal point of your room. Consider colour and style carefully, whether you go for bold black statement,



Gold glamour,

Gold Bed


or a touch of Ivory envy,

Ivory Bed


maybe combine two – an exquisite ivory bed, edged in gold – stunning.


Decide whether you want an upholstered headboard or solid wood,

Bed Bed

– why not push the boat out and go for a four poster!!

Four Poster Bed

Bear in mind other furniture you will need/like in your room too as you want it to feel right. Bedrooms are places to dream and relax, not feel busy and cluttered.

Happy Sleeping this weekend from Chichi Furniture :O)


A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

‘V’ is for Velvet adding a touch of class. We have already touched on upholstery and how beautifully upholstered pieces can create huge statements in your home, so stepping up from that we have velvet upholstery – stunning, sumptuous and super stylish. As well as being a visual delight, it adds texture too.

Below are some beautiful chairs/sofas that will be the focal point in any room.


A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Lets talk ‘Upholstery’. Yep, ‘U’ is our letter of the day and upholstery is our topic.

Upholstered pieces of furniture can instantly change a room, creating a striking focal point, softening a look or adding a vibrant lift, or even breaking up continuity. What’s important when designing a room, is that it flows and gels together and doesn’t end up chaotic or a mis-match of too many ideas in one space. Keeping things simple and choosing one or two key pieces upholstered in a key colour/pattern can drawer you into a room and then you can continue those colours/patterns throughout a design. It doesn’t mean you have to always choose a vibrant colour – just having a different texture in a room can add dimension. Dining rooms decked out completely in wood can be a bit heavy, but, add an upholstered chair into the mix and it can soften a scheme.

Below are some stunning examples of pieces that could create beautiful key features in your home.



Colourful Living

Hello, a short and sweet post today, simply said – ‘Furniture with the Fun Factor’ from Chichi Furniture.

Enjoy :O)

Colourful ChairColourful French Style BookcaseChest of DrawersBedside TableBedside TableFrench style Love SeatPurple ChaiseFrench Style Chair

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Happy Monday everyone. Today we are on the letter N and in Chichi Furniture’s vocab, that stands for the fabulous ‘Neopolitan’ range. Strong visual pieces with understated detail – these units aren’t fussy or flamboyant, but certainly not lacking in character. Each chest will have a strong presence in your home, either pulling a style together or standing alone as a central wonder – a stylish black unit with vivid contrasting drawers.

These pieces are such versatile units – ideal for adding a touch of ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to almost any room. They would be a striking feature in a Hallway, a stunning focal point in a lounge, or a great piece for adding a touch of style to your kitchen, as well as having ample storage.

French style chest of drawersFrench style chest of drawersFrench style chest of drawersFrench style chest of drawersFrench style Chest of drawes

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Silver Sideboard

‘J’ is for the ‘JOLIE’ Sideboard.
A classic French Style contemporary piece, stylishly finished in silver leaf with a hand applied antique glaze.
C’est tres Jolie!

Bookcases to transform your Interior

Well if you’re anything like me, then you are truly and utterly sick of all this rain!! So rather than letting it get you down, hows about you start a new challenge – how many books can you read before the weather turns nice again!!

Being England, you will probably get through quite a few books, as this rain seems set in for sometime and will probably be followed by snow! So, to showoff your achievement, display your literary conquests on a fabulous Bookcase from Chichi!

So this way you get to keep busy with a new challenge and spruce up your interior with a fabulous new furniture addition.

Happy Reading.


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