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Spring Furniture

Add a touch of Spring to your home with this beautiful floral detailed bedside table from Chichi Furniture;


Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

Happy Gift Day Everyone – Monday the 29th February, the gift of an extra day.

To celebrate this day we are sharing number 6 on Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics – a stunning rustic rattan bed, but not just Rattan – because its a unique day, we’ve added a little something special – a touch of silver!

This beautiful bed, has all the character you’d expect, but with an up to date touch of glamour.

This gorgeous bedroom is elegant and tranquil as well as stylish.




Chichi Furniture’s Friday Feature – Wine and Dine it’s Harvest Time!

Hooray, it’s Friday and Its’ Harvest Festival time, so on the theme of harvest and gathering with friends and family and enjoying fine food and fine company, today’s inspiration is for beautiful French style dining sets, from rustic and shabby chic to simply glamorous. Sitting round a table with friends and family is the one true time people chat, share and laugh, conversation isn’t lost when sitting round a table. The dynamics of a ‘family’ returns. Here at Chichi we have tables large enough for those grand spaces and small enough for those cosy coffee and cake moments with nearest and dearest. Which would you choose? Happy Weekend Everyone :O)

‘Heavenly Headboards’ from Chichi Furniture

Beds are one of the biggest items of furniture we will buy and they pretty much fill the bedroom, so make sure your bed is a beautiful feature in your room and not just a necessary item of furniture plonked in the middle.

A bed with a statement headboard can look striking and instantly catch your eye. It is an easy way to add style and detail to a space without adding ‘more’ furniture, or, it can act as the key piece to furnish around.

Sometimes a room just needs a splash of colour to mix up a look, or some stylish detail to add layers to a more simplistic scheme. Adding an upholstered or heavily carved headboard with detailed pattern can look beautiful against a plain wall, equally a simple elegant headboard in a block colour can break up a patterned wall – both contrasting and adding dimension.

Below are some gorgeous examples of beds with headboards from Chichi Furniture;

Ivory carved French Bed French Bed French Bed French Bed French Bed  Sleigh Bed Sleigh Bed French Bed French Bed French Gold Bed

Chichi Furniture’s Friday Feature!

Dreaming of Dressing Tables…

Unfortunately my bedroom barely has room to walk round the bed, let alone have a stunning dressing table, but I can wish.

Dressing tables are a girls dream, somewhere to store all our trinkets and treasures, from jewellery to make up and a perfect space to sit at leisure and prepare for the day, rather than balancing the makeup box in the bathroom, shared with  the whole family in the morning rush!!

Take a look at Chichi Furniture’s gorgeous dressing tables below and allow yourself to be a princess just for a moment (there’s always that Christmas list!!)

Happy weekend :O)

Have a ‘Very Floral Friday’ from Chichi Furniture.

Beautiful French style furniture with stunning floral accents to create the perfect feature piece for your room.

Ivory Display Cabinet Bedside Table Bedside Table Ornate Console Table and Mirror Silver Gold ornate console table Ivory Console Table and mirror Ivory Bedside Table Ornate Gold Rococo Bedside Table Silver Console Table and mirror Black French Upholstered Sofa Floral Upholstered French Chair Silver French Carved Bed Ivory Carved French Bed French Silver Dressing Table Ornate French Silver Mirror

Chichi Furniture’s Wednesday Wish List

Add a touch of French Country style to your home with gorgeous rattan furniture. Either in traditional rustic form or with an elegant twist. Either way it will add depth and texture as well as warmth and style.

Rattan Tub Chair Silver Rattan Bed Black Rattan Four Poster Bed Ivory Rattan Bed Black Rattan Bed Rattan Bed

The Chaise Longue – Adding a Touch of French Charm

Had a hard day? Take a load off and ‘Laze on a Chaise’ from Chichi Furniture

Extremely comfortable, extremely stylish and extremely French Chic!

They make stunning features for a lounge, bedroom or hallway, be it as a centre piece, or a lift for an empty alcove, often with beautifully carved detailing and upholstered in either an elegant chic fabric or something vibrant and striking.

IMG_0747_1 IMG_1757_1



Work Magic with a Mirror

Well, its September and autumn is officially on its way. The days are feeling a tiny bit colder and the darkness is creeping into our homes earlier than we would like!

So to combat that sad syndrome and lack of light in your life feeling, add a fantastic French style mirror to your rooms. 

Mirrors are a fabulous instant quick fix, they are beautiful features that can really bring a style together and in addition they reflect oodles of extra light around a room. They create a focal point, therefore making a room feel more cohesive and not disjointed. You may have a large empty wall where a piece of art work might be just a bit too much, but a mirror would be perfect, they are stylishly indiscreet, filling a space without looking too much.


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