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A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Well, its here – the letter ‘X’, the one i’ve been dreading and I hang my head in shame to say I couldn’t find an appropriate letter beginning with X, so hands up, i’m going to cheat!!

‘X’ is for ‘eXquisite’ – furniture with the wow factor. Pieces that will make people stop and admire. Thats the great thing with French style furniture, it’s so elaborate and ornate, its art not just furniture. It can fill a room with stunning designs, often adorned with beautiful carved detailing and stylish paint finishes. These pieces won’t fade into the background, instead they’ll be features in any room.

Take a look at the selection below;

Gold SideboardSilver Display CabinetSilver console table and mirrorIvory console table and mirrorGold Dining Table and ChairsLove SeatThrone ChairBedSilver Chest of DrawersChest of DrawersGold Dressing TableDressing Table

A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Can’t believe its Friday again and I can’t believe we’ve nearly reached the end of our A-Z, in fact I’m in a predicament because i’ve been dreading reaching X, so I think this weekend I will have to give serious thought to that one as its next in line!!

Luckily today is ‘W’ and ‘W’ is for Wardrobes. Wardrobes are vital, not only to help with the obvious storing of our clothes, but also they are big units that can really complete a bedroom design or ruin it if you get it wrong. They are bold features so you want them to complete a scheme and not look out of place. Think about whether or not you want your furniture to blend into a scheme or contrast and stand out against it. Look at the colours you’ve chosen and accessorize throughout to continue the colour through the room so everything flows. Decide whether you want one main feature or a group of items working together. For instance, if you have a large black bed, you may choose a large black wardrobe with gold trim, then you can add other gold items throughout the room such as cushions on bed or a stunning gold framed chair in the corner, this will then tie all the pieces together. Think about texture too, a black bed with rattan headboard will appear softer than solid wood. A wardrobe with mirrored doors will be less imposing than solid wood.

Our wardrobes below are beautifully crafted, with ornate carved detailing, versatile storage and stylishly finished in either exquisite silver and gold, striking moulin noir black or timeless country style ivory. These pieces won’t be missed, they will create such a focal point in your room. They come with various storage options so if you have little space for other items of furniture choose one of our pieces with drawers and shelves to satisfy all your storage needs :O)


A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

‘O’ is for Opulent!!

There’s a lot of truth in the old saying ‘Every mans home is his Castle’. Filling our homes with treasures and creating a haven in which we can indulge, wind down, entertain – is so important, everyone needs there own sanctuary, be it a room or a house.

We may not actually own a castle (to be honest I wouldn’t want too – far too draughty and cold for me!! and who would clean it!!), but thats not to say we can’t furnish our spaces with opulent, stylish artisan pieces – a touch of gold or silver can add such warmth and style to a home. If you have a large home with high ceilings and elaborate cornicing, then you want furniture that will compliment the design, hold a presence and not look too small and out of place. On the flip side, if you have a smaller space, why not go for beautiful pieces edged in gold, or an all gold/silver piece but with slightly less detail so it doesn’t overfill the space and look awkward, but instead becomes a strong feature.  French style furniture is ideal, its beautifully shaped, with as much or as little detail as you want, our Rococo range reflects the highly decorative pieces from that era, pieces that will fill a room with their presence, whereas our Bordeau style is still beautifully shaped but less elaborate – still oozing French charm but more understated for that room edging towards a more subtle style.

Mirrors too, can be a great way of adding a touch of opulence without cramming too much into a room.

Console TableConsole TableWardrobeDresserDisplay cabinetchairFrench Style bedBedBedBedBedside TableBedside tableBeside TableBedside tableGold bedside tableBedside TableChest of drawersChest of drawersChest of drawersChest of drawersDressing TableDressing tableConsole table and mirrorMirror

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, make my house the most stylish of all!


A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi


Hooray, I’m so glad we are on G, Gold is a fabulous, timeless colour.

Sure to add such style to your home. You can go all out and indulge in opulent statement pieces, or you can add a subtle touch that will add warmth and chic without being too much.

See our fabulous selection of GOLD from Chichi Furniture;

Elaborate French Style Gold Console Gold MirrorGold MirrorGold French Style WardrobeGold French Style Side Table/DeskGold Dressing ScreenGold bombe Chest of DrawersGold French Style Chest of DrawersGold French Style Chest of DrawersGold French Style Bedside TableGold French Style Bedside TableGold French Style Bedside TableGold Throne ChairGold French Style Love SeatGold Dining SetGold French SideboardGold French Style SideboardGold French Style SideboardGold French Style SideboardGold French Style Ornate BedGold French Style BedGold French Style Bed

Spice up your interior this year by adding a little French Style

ImageI hate January, all the excitement of Christmas is behind us and Spring seems far away and the weather is wet, cold and grey.

Well, to me this is the perfect opportunity to start an indoor project. As we are stuck inside so much over the winter, why not give our homes a make over? Rather than climbing the walls, lets decorate them!

Adding some new furniture to a scheme can really make a difference. French style shabby chic furniture is particularly wonderful as its artistic, its not boring, conventional furniture that purely serves a purpose, it brings something of its own to a room, often with stunning curves, finished in stunning gold or silver leaf it instantly creates a feature for your room.

So its a New Year, the ideal time for a fresh start – lets start at the beginning – ‘A’ is for the ‘Alice Range’- beautiful pieces that will transform your room adding a touch of charm – go on I dare you!


Have Yourself a Golden Christmas

Wishing you a Golden Christmas from Chichi Furniture;



Add a little Gold to your home this Christmas


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