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Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

I thought I would end this week by sharing with you number 2 of Chichi Furniture’s Fabulous French Pics and what a pic this is!

A beautiful ‘Bordeau’ Ivory Sideboard, with its elegantly curved shape and hand carved detailing, sitting below a fantastically flamboyant French silver leaf mirror and the look softened with two slightly more modern lamps.

French style perfection, don’t you think?


French Interior Design, Room by Room – Shabby Chic Dining

Today Chichi Furniture is back with its topic of Room by Room French interior design ideas and Thursdays inspiration is for a shabby chic dining experience.

Beautiful carved ivory pieces for that relaxed, warm feeling in a room. When using neutral tones you don’t want the scheme to appear flat and boring, that is where these elaborate carved ivory pieces step up the design, with gorgeous upholstered chairs adding texture and depth to the scheme.

Add a display cabinet to show off your fine collection of country crockery, which is a great way of introducing another colour to the design and making the room feel homely and lived in. Or, if you’d rather not have items on show, have a solid door sideboard to store necessary items and place a few choice ornaments/flowers on top, or use it as a serving station.

Placing a drinks cabinet in a corner is a great way to fill an otherwise awkward space, maybe a large plant or floor lamp in another corner will drawer the room together.

Hanging an ornate mirror will add more light to the room. Finally, complete the look with a chandelier centered above the table.

French Interior Design, Room by Room – the Shabby Chic Bedroom

The shabby chic bedroom from Chichi Furniture – surrounded by relaxing soft colours and ivory cream furniture, a dreamy room where dreams are made.

Picture a tranquil setting, a light breeze at an open window with delicate curtains framing the outside. Inside is a restful sanctuary, beautifully detailed furniture in natural tones, white linens with floral or lace. A charming gold mirror adding a feature to the space and at night showered by soft crystal light from the chandelier.

The only danger with this room is that you may not want to get up!!

Shabby Chic Bedroom Shabby Chic Bedside Table Shabby Chic Bedside Table Ivory Chest of Drawers French Dressing Screen French Ivory Mirror French Ivory Dressing Table Rattan Chair Ivory Blanket Box Ivory French Mirrored Wardrobe Gold Mirror Chandelier


French Style Interior Design, Room by Room – the Shabby Chic Lounge

Well, its back to work today after a lovely bank holiday weekend. Problem is when you have a few days off, you get used to it!!!

Having finished Chichi’s A-Z of French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture, I introduce to you our new theme;

‘French Interior Design Room by Room’

Today I am going to start with the lounge and the Shabby Chic look – where furniture is often worn/distressed, achieving an aged/romantic look of soft opulence.

French Furniture can often be curvaceous and highly detailed, so be careful not to create a room that appears chaotic. A few choice pieces to define the space may be best. You want your eye to be drawn in and able to take in the scheme and not be darting around all over the place. Decide what is important and necessary in the room and what the focal point will be. For instance, If its the TV, why not rest the TV on a beautiful unit and hang a gorgeous French Mirror above it, this way when sitting down and facing the big black box, your attention is drawn to the stunning unit and mirror sandwiching the boring black screen and that area of the room manages to retain some style, rather than being purely functional. Consider the colour of mirror frame too, this could be a good way to introduce a new colour to the scheme – especially gold, as it contrasts yet compliments beautifully, breaking up any uniform colour blocks from larger items in the room, adding a hint of warmth and depth.

Coffee Table / Side Unit Ivory Mirror Gold Mirror

Maybe mismatch the seating a bit. A chaise or love seat could be fabulous as the main attraction, with 2 single chairs adding a bit more character without over doing it, this breaks up the continuity that matching sets can create. Using upholstered pieces in similar colours but different patterns or vice/versa can add a new dimension and texture too. You can then start to accessorize with curtains and cushions and begin to pull the look together.

Love Seat Love Seat


Think about whether or not you want a coffee table, you may decide to allow more space and just use side tables, why not an ottoman that can become a table/footstool and storage box.

Side Table Ottoman

I love walking into rooms that tell a story and where you can see the owners character so a gorgeous display unit could be just the thing. A great way to show off your treasures in a contained way.

Display Cabinet Display Cabinet

Finally, lighting. Don’t forget the vast expanse above your head. A beautiful chandelier will stylishly complete you room.


A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Hooray we have reached ‘Z’ and its friday, which is apt really as ‘Z’ is for zzzZZZ and all things bed!!

Sleeping is something I would definitely like to do more of! Not only is sleeping a vital part of life, but the bed is a vital part of a bedroom too!! Its possibly one of the largest items of furniture we buy, so we want it to be perfect. Choose a bed that will be an amazing focal point of your room. Consider colour and style carefully, whether you go for bold black statement,



Gold glamour,

Gold Bed


or a touch of Ivory envy,

Ivory Bed


maybe combine two – an exquisite ivory bed, edged in gold – stunning.


Decide whether you want an upholstered headboard or solid wood,

Bed Bed

– why not push the boat out and go for a four poster!!

Four Poster Bed

Bear in mind other furniture you will need/like in your room too as you want it to feel right. Bedrooms are places to dream and relax, not feel busy and cluttered.

Happy Sleeping this weekend from Chichi Furniture :O)


A-Z French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Can’t believe its Friday again and I can’t believe we’ve nearly reached the end of our A-Z, in fact I’m in a predicament because i’ve been dreading reaching X, so I think this weekend I will have to give serious thought to that one as its next in line!!

Luckily today is ‘W’ and ‘W’ is for Wardrobes. Wardrobes are vital, not only to help with the obvious storing of our clothes, but also they are big units that can really complete a bedroom design or ruin it if you get it wrong. They are bold features so you want them to complete a scheme and not look out of place. Think about whether or not you want your furniture to blend into a scheme or contrast and stand out against it. Look at the colours you’ve chosen and accessorize throughout to continue the colour through the room so everything flows. Decide whether you want one main feature or a group of items working together. For instance, if you have a large black bed, you may choose a large black wardrobe with gold trim, then you can add other gold items throughout the room such as cushions on bed or a stunning gold framed chair in the corner, this will then tie all the pieces together. Think about texture too, a black bed with rattan headboard will appear softer than solid wood. A wardrobe with mirrored doors will be less imposing than solid wood.

Our wardrobes below are beautifully crafted, with ornate carved detailing, versatile storage and stylishly finished in either exquisite silver and gold, striking moulin noir black or timeless country style ivory. These pieces won’t be missed, they will create such a focal point in your room. They come with various storage options so if you have little space for other items of furniture choose one of our pieces with drawers and shelves to satisfy all your storage needs :O)


A-Z of French Style Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

Hooray, we’ve made it to Friday and today Chichi Furniture’s chosen letter is D.

D is for Decorative Dressing Tables/Rooms. One of the charming features of French style furniture is that its effortlessly elegant, ornate and full of character. It’s often adorned with carvings and decorative features which create stunning pieces to add such glamour to your home.

Our Dressing tables will help you to create a Boudoir to be admired, encompassing all there is to feel fabulous. These first examples drawer on the Rococo era, elaborate and heavily carved, finished in fabulous Gold, Silver, Black or Ivory, these pieces will certainly take centre stage in your room.

Ornate Gold French Style Dressing Table Ornate Black French Style Dressing Table Ornate Silver French Style Dressing Table Ornate Ivory French Style Dressing Table

The second style is our beautiful Amelie Range – more understated than the Rococo style, but still a real feature for you room. More delicately shaped, with highlighted trim.

French Style Dressing Table Gold Dressing Table French Style Dressing Table

Thirdly we have a beautiful ‘Elise Dressing Table’ in Silver featuring more subtle curves and detailing and the Oh so stylish ‘Alice Dressing Table’, a more modern/contemporary piece, still with carved detailing but strong lines and finished in Moulin Noir Black.

Silver Dressing Table Dressing Table

Finally to ensure your Boudoir is complete, finish off the look with a beautiful bench or chair, a stunning floor standing mirror and for that final princess touch – a chandelier to shower you in sparkling light.

Silver Silk Upholstered BenchPurple Velvet Upholstered ChairFrench Style Cheval MirrorChandelier

A-Z of French Style, Shabby Chic Furniture from Chichi

The letter ‘B’ – for the fabulous Bordeau Range. Elegantly shaped pieces with stunning carved detail. If you have a smaller room that you want to add a simplistic touch of character too, or a larger room that needs a touch of style, these units are the perfect combination of French Style Furniture, being neither over the top or too plain. They incorporate enough detail to add something special to your room, without being over bearing.

Finished in a range of colours to suit all styles. Starting with beautiful ivory for that farmhouse chic look,


or for a touch of glamour why not choose a piece in exquisite silver/gold leaf;


or for something ultra stylish a unit finished in moulin noir black will be sure to stand out.


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