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Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

Hello there and welcome to number 9 of Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics.

Devine Nine is all about starting your day like a princess, sat at our gorgeous ‘Alice’ Silver Dressing Table.

In the picture below it’s as if the corner of this room was made specifically for this piece, the beautifully curved frame with hand carved detailing fills the space, but does not look over-imposing. Silver is an elegant, sophisticated colour, but is not heavy or over bearing, in this room it stands out as a real feature against the stylish dark carpet, blind and upholstered stool. The light coloured walls keep the space open and light, allowing the dressing table to take centre stage.

Perfection, wouldn’t you agree?


Chichi Furniture’s Top 20 Fabulous French Pics

Royal Carved Gold Leaf Bed

After a little break, we are back with Chichi Furnitures top 20 pics and on this wet, cold and miserable day, in at number 16, we celebrate those duvet days with a stunning ‘Royal Carved Bed‘, finished in opulent gold leaf to add that wow factor and of course a touch of warmth!!

Up against this beautiful red and gold print wall, doesn’t it just look gorgeous?

I just want to curl up now and re-surface in April :O)


Chichi Furniture’s Wednesday Wish List

Add a touch of French Country style to your home with gorgeous rattan furniture. Either in traditional rustic form or with an elegant twist. Either way it will add depth and texture as well as warmth and style.

Rattan Tub Chair Silver Rattan Bed Black Rattan Four Poster Bed Ivory Rattan Bed Black Rattan Bed Rattan Bed

The Joy of French Style Furniture

The problem – you love French style furniture but feel that your home is not ideally suited to that style, or you don’t know how to incorporate it without it looking out of place;

The solutionChichi Furniture would like to show some ideas as to how you can include some French flair in your homes without changing the dynamic of your style.

The joy of French style is that it covers a multitude of possibilities, from ornate and flamboyant, to rustic and homely, subtle chic and stylish contemporary. You can add a feature French style piece in your room to give it that something special, or you could go all out and design the entire room in a matching suite;

Your bedroom may be large and airy and would support ornate, heavily carved pieces that will fill the room with such style, or your room may be smaller or already furnished but have that vacant corner that is crying out for a French style dressing table to add a touch of chic in a subtle way.


How about you just simply add a dressing screen/room divide or an elaborate mirror to your space – an instant transformation without being too obvious!

IMG_0953_1 33046g_cG2_1

You may lean towards a more country farmhouse look, with rustic pieces adding warmth and texture, or you could go all out glamour with golds and silvers.

13016k_6 13055G_1

If your decor is slightly more elaborate, how about having chic black pieces to hold a strong presence against a patterned wallpaper. Maybe your scheme is a pale pallette and just needs a pop of colour that can then be carried through the design with accessories! Adding pieces that are simplistic in style but delicately edged in gold can really add some understated glamour.

Untitled_1_copy_88 Louis_XV_Commode_Orange_6 13052_cG2_1

Your lounge may be fully furnished but it doesn’t feel inviting and complete – you may find that adding a feature chair in a prime position upholstered in fabric that matches the curtains/cushions, will just bring the whole look together.


Whatever the look and style of your home, have fun finding that perfect piece to bring a touch of French Chic to your home.

Be Bold with Gold


Gold is one of those colours, you may like/hate, enjoy wearing it, but not decorating with it, or it may be a colour that never crosses your mind. Does it mean ‘party’ or ‘posh’ or simply a colour that can save the world from beige!!

Well, in regards to furniture we feel gold is a winner. Use it to make a bold statement in a grand room, use it to warm up a cold space, or use it to delicately enhance a style. Gold is a colour to have fun with and use in many ways. It’s a colour that you can be extravagant with, its regal. Or it can be a fantastic colour to soften a dark interior by contrasting against black and adding a bit of depth to a scheme.

Gold doesn’t look out of place on heavily carved furniture, like the exquisite dressing table above, which is simply ‘enhanced’ by the gold and made to look even more stunning. The above piece would look beautiful as a feature in a large bedroom that was in need of definition, or in a high ceiling room where you need to drawer your eye down a bit to lose the sense of ‘too much space’.

What are your experiences of gold, good or bad?

Chichi Furniture wants to add the ‘wow’ back into your home, so go on, ‘Be Bold with Gold’ x

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